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thk bearings

thk bearings
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A leading provider of linear motion solutions and bearings, THK brings a wide variety of options to the table with unique technology and high quality components for mechanical and electronics systems used in a number of industries and applications.At Eastern Industrial Automation, we have used THK bearings to solve some of our customers' most complex engineering problems. As a result, they received the reliable high performance solutions they needed that translated into long-term maintenance reduction and cost efficiency.

Effectively eliminates friction between balls. Allows for lower noise, reduced maintenance, and fantastic response speed.Available in a variety of sizes and shapes ranging from miniature to large and straight to curved, linear motion guides from THK are the ideal solution for a number of applications ranging from small medical devices to large machine tools. Actuators from THK offer high rigidity performance for extended maintenance free performance. Actuators feature a caged ball linear motion guide and advanced lubricator for added performance and longevity.

THK ball spline timken bearings are available in rotary ball spline, medium torque, and high torque varieties. They are comprised of a ball rolling on a groove connected to the shaft, this allows for greater load and torque transmissions than with linear bushings.Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, THK linear bushings enable linear movement via a linear guide in concert with a cylindrical linear movement shaft. Linear bushings enable accurate low friction linear movement. THK linear bearings allow for reduced installation downtime and lower material costs, as well as significantly greater load capacity and service life.

Cross roller rings are THK roller bearings that make extremely high rotation accuracy and load bearing possible in every direction via cylindrical rollers arranged orthogonally. Used with THK roller rings, THK cross roller guides are great for applications where highly rigid movement is necessary.Cam followers and roller followers are compact THK bearings featuring a needle bearing and a highly rigid shaft. THK cam followers are typically used as a guide roller for automated linear motion machines and cam mechanisms.

THK spherical bearings are heavy-duty, self-aligning slide bearings that boast great impact resistance and load bearing capability. They are most frequently utilized with slow and heavy loads. With fag bearings, shafts, and guides designed and engineered for performance, accuracy, and long service life -- we've found THK's catalog of products to be suitable for a number of industries, such as:

THK bearings for machine tools
General Industrial Machinery
Industrial robots
Medical devices
Electronic devices
High precision instruments
Material handling 
And more...

With THK bearings from Eastern Industrial Automation, you achieve greater productivity through less downtime, increased productivity, and enhanced reliability of nachi bearings.


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