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spherical roller bearings

spherical roller bearings
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spherical roller bearings and rod ends bearing have a variety of designs and different sliding contact surface combinations. Each design and conbination has unique performance,enable it suitable for certain applications.
Including the following types:
Need to be maintained joint bearing
Maintenance-free Spherical roller bearings
Need to maintain the rod ends bearing
Maintenance-free rod ends bearing

spherical roller bearings have an inner ring with a convex sphered outside surface and an outer ring with a correspondingly sphered but concave inner surface. They are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where alignment movements between shaft and housing have to be accommodated or where recurrent tilting or oscillating movements must be performed at relatively slow sliding velocities. Spherical roller bearings are produced with different sliding contact surfaces combinations, the sliding surfaces of the inner and outer rings are made of different materials. There are two main groups: steel-on-steel spherical roller bearings and maintenance-free spherical roller bearings. Maintenance-free spherical roller bearings incorporate special sliding layers or liners of wear-resistant materials. They are used for applications where maintenance-free operation is required, where the use for application is required, where the use of lubricants is not permitted (e.g. in the food industry), or where the application is such that under the actual operating conditions lubrication is inadequate or even lacking, making the use of steel-on-steel bearings inadvisable. Maintenance-free nsk bearings are primarily intended for the accommodation of heavy loads acting in a constant direction. They have only limited ability to take up alternating loads. 

spherical roller bearings are manufactured in a wide variety of materials and are designed to offer bearing solutions in almost any operating environment. SRG Bearings offers a complete line of Spherical Plain Bearings available in inch and metric. These High-Quality Spherical roller bearings are suitable for heavy-duty, off-highway vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction and mining and logging equipment, packaging and textile equipment, and robotics. The plain bearings come in standard industrial bore sizes from 0.5" to 12" inches, as well as metric sizes from as small as 4 to 300 mm.  Custom sizes can also be ordered.

spherical roller bearings (also known as “Spherical Plane Bearings” "Spherical Ball Bushing nachi Bearings and “Ball Bushings”) have an inner ring with a sphere convex outside surface and an outer ring with a correspondingly sphere, but concave inside surface. Their design makes them particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where alignment movements between shaft and housing have to accommodate, or where oscillating or recurrent tilting movements must be permitted at relatively slow sliding speeds.

[spherical roller bearings]  and rod ends are produced in various designs and with various combinations of sliding contact surfaces. Each design and combination has characteristic properties which make it particularly suitable for certain applications.

BRING SKF 6405              ( 25 X  80 X 21) 
BRING SKF 6407              ( 35 X 100 X 25) 
BRING SKF 6409              ( 45 X 120 X 29) 

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