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fafnir bearings catalog

fafnir bearings catalog
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Enhance bearing performance through a wide range of Timken services, including remanufacture and repair, reliability services and training.Find a bearing or assembly by searching part numbers or constraints. Also includes tools for determining bearing tolerances, periodic frequencies and interchange for housed units.Use our online locator to find an Authorized Timken Distributor or Timken sales office near you.

I have been thinking about the hype of bearings and came to the conclusion that most skate companies contact a bearing comany such as NMB to simply insert a nice looking dust cover with skate company logo. I even found a chinese bearing company advertising this service online. I could make "Null Object" bearing for you all.My thinking with Fafnir is that they were a credible bearing company from germany who at some point shut down business. 

Look up Timken bearings online. They still distribute Fafnir bearings. You can actually buy a set of 7mm Fafnir skate bearings right now from Timken. Most well organized bearing companies don't have 'junk yards'. Bearings usually don't have much of a shelf life. In general, new bearings need to spin once and while to keep the grease and oils on the rolling surfaces. 

If they sit around, the oils might move away from where they are needed and greases will seperate. Some bearing manufacturers scrap inventory that is more than a few years old rather than rework them or take the risk that the bearings may be defective. Timken / Fafnir may not scrap their inventory. They might keep stuff forever. You might have better luck digging through bearing distrubitors. Just leetting you know what you could be up against. 

The company has been sold and bearing production has moved around the world over the years... but I would still put the quality of a current 7-ball Fafnir up against anything else current. It sucks that the 8-ball design is no longer made... but I have some of the ones made in the last couple of years, and they are still SWEET... unbeleiveably smooth skf bearings. Just very expensive now.

Bearing Closures Bearing Shields are the basic ball bearing closures. They product the bearing from large particle contamination and also help retain lubricant. The shield does not contact the inner ring and protection is afforded by the close running tolerances between the i.d. of the shield and the inner ring step. Shields are available in carbon and stainless steel. Additionally, some fafnir bearings catalog can manufactured with removable shields to facilitate periodic relubrication.

BRING SKF ALS  8            (1 X 2 1/4 X 5/8) 
BRING SKF ALS 11            (1 3/8 X 3 X 11/16) 
BRING SKF ALS 12            (1 1/2 X 3 1/4 X 3/4) 

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